***Pocket Reminders: Set 4

Smaller individual images  from posts dated June 17 – July 9:  Set 4:

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As mentioned in other “card set” posts, I print these out and tape them up on a wall or cut them into little pocket cards….and  use them as reminders of ways that I’m trying to “shift”….I find them appealing to look at and  helpful for shifting.

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4 Responses to ***Pocket Reminders: Set 4

  1. theponderingturtle says:

    I really like your idea of pocket cards! I’m a visual person, and browse for pictures and words in magazines, on the internet, and cut them out, make a collage and frame them or just stick them on my bedroom wall, but never considered keeping them in my pocket. Although I have written quotes or notes to myself in my pocket when I am trying to ‘shift’ my ways. How come I never thought to put the two together? Seriously, strange how my mind works or does not :/ anyway I LOVE IT!~


  2. I’m so happy that the idea of pocket cards might be useful for you…it certainly has helped me. Isn’t it odd how the mind sometimes doesn’t connect or extend ideas? That happens to me all the time…I just try to be thankful when I finally pull helpful ideas together. btw…I use a simple program called Print Shop to make all of my pages and cards…it’s by Broderbund. It’s fun to make pages and cards and the look way better than what I could make “by hand”. There is also a business card function in the program, I started this whole thing by making cards for the kids that I teach…they choose one card each Monday morning…if they assure me they will be working hard all week…they choose from 100’s of cards…each card has a very appealing kid type of photo/image and a short message about something I’m trying to get them to learn/use…often persistence, courage, being cheerful etc.I work with the kids for several years, so many of them have large card collections that the really love!
    If you like pairing visuals and positive messages, you might like some of the ideas on one of the other blogs I have…Reflections from a Friend. http://reflectionsfromafriend.wordpress.com The ideas on that blog are from a dear friend who is a Buddhist monk, but they are not specific to any “religion” or Buddhism…just really good, kind, helpful, positive reminders that any insightful person might offer.


    • theponderingturtle says:

      Thank you, I had a look at your friend’s site and it was very helpful, not to mention your understanding words. Sometimes even though we remember all these positive sayings, they don’t resonate in our hearts and minds like it once used to. I think that is when its best to search for inspiration. And most of the time, just the kind words from a friend can make all the difference.

      Have a lovely day/night!


      • Yes, kind words from friends can be so helpful. And my friends’ words to me…he would say just the same kind words to anyone he might talk with….they were initially to me, but he would say the same to everyone else. ..that’s why I’m sharing those words….
        And guess what???…I did have a remarkably wonderful day…thanks for your kind wishes…. : )


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