Creating Ripples




Over the past 7 or 8 years, I’ve created lots of little booklets. I’ve  made the booklets in both hard copy and  in a slide show format.

This booklet is called “Creating Ripples”…about being willing to extend myself and create positive changes in the lives of others, as well as myself.

And so, that is my wish…to create ripples, in whatever way I can…

My sincere thanks to my daughter, Julie, for creating the slide show out of the booklets…thank you, Sweetie Pie….  : )

Link to post: August 16, Creating Ripples

2 Responses to Creating Ripples

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  2. Leonarda Ehl says:

    Love the Ripple idea. Thank you for posting this. I love your idea of making Little books. I just sent out a mailchimp mail out with The Ripple Effect by John Heider. The Tao of Leadership (book). Have you read that book? I created a translation of ‘The Ripple Effect’ in sign language. 🙂


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