Pocket Perspectives: youtube channel

Link to Pocket Perspectives youtube channel .  Many slideshows/videos that are posted within posts in this blog are in that channel.  I hope some of them might be  helpful to others…

There are many other slideshows/booklets  that I haven’t, as yet, added to the blog.

Tip for viewing/finding all of the choices: There seem to be several introductory “home pages” when entering the “channel”…some have all of the slideshows and some seem to show just a few.

If the full menu isn’t showing,   view the full menu choices by clicking  on “all” or “player view”  or  “grid view”.

As of December 10, there are 45 slideshows about a variety of topics relevant to living our everyday lives more effectively.

1 Response to Pocket Perspectives: youtube channel

  1. becca givens says:

    I just noticed this feature — I will enjoy checking it out!! xo


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