I have a voice…and I can learn to use it

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This page, directly below, is for those of us who may be a bit “shy” or hesitant to speak up…a reminder that with practice it gets easier to use our “voices”…

and so, to have the courage to give this a try…

Two years ago, I took a “public speaking” class…

I was extremely shy about speaking in front of groups

and initially, it was a very challenging experience.

At one point, I gave up on my planned “speech” and spoke, from the heart, about a child that I teach that I care very deeply about.  And I found out that when I feel a deep passion for what I’m talking about, that speaking in front of others is okay; the speaking was no longer “self centered”  or self conscious, but rather about my deep commitment to the progress of that child. Here is a page that I made after giving that speech.

(I’m including this following  page, even though it’s quite personal, in case there are other shy people who might read this and  who are having difficulty expressing themselves in front of others, too….btw, I’m okay with speaking in front of others now)

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11/2011  I revised the first   “I have a voice” slide show….here’s a link to a post about that process of learning to use one’s voice…“The courage to have a voice and to use it”….so it applies more to learning to use that voice…to have the courage and try and practice….something I’ve been doing….

May  I honor “latetoschool”…a truly inspirational woman who, in spite of phenomenal “voice” and courage, did not survive lung cancer…but who inspired 100’s who followed her courageous journey.  Latetoschool’s  inspirational “voice”on CollegeConfidential, Parent Cafe website

3 Responses to I have a voice…and I can learn to use it

  1. brittany220 says:

    Great post Kathy! I enjoyed reading your poem, thanks for sharing. What you said about at least you used your voice once, rather than never, is a very good thing to remember and I think that would be encouraging for a lot of people who are hesitant about giving a speech. I’m glad your speech class helped you overcome a lot of your fears with public speaking, doing both Toastmasters and a college public speaking class has helped me tremendously as well. It’s funny how I used to absolutely hate presentations but now I don’t mind them as much and I feel a lot more comfortable with them. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Brittany…thanks for the feedback. I think that each time people feel successful using their voices and finding out that others value their ideas….the nervousness gets a bit less. I think that having a blog is terrific for that too… It sounds like Toastmasters and the college public speaking class has really helped out…that’s terrific. One step at a time….. : )


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