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” Everything is interconnected and we have infinite influence, yet no control”

~ A quote, below, from Dungse Jampal Norbu… wisdom that I read several years ago Insights that I had printed out and taped under my computer monitor, beneath our kitchen cupboard doors and onto several walls of our home…. such … Continue reading

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Spring renewal wishes…for increasing senses of resilience, revitalization, regrowth and well being

~ ~   ~   ~     ~ Several years ago, during a very personally challenging time, I found these Well Being and Resilience points on the Mayo Clinic website. I thought that the points might be helpful so … Continue reading

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Nurturing courage: “It’s good to stand on my own 2 feet…”

~ nurturing  “courage” figuring out unfamiliar situations, going  new places, taking chances on trying new activities ~ ~ And for my pockets? “pocket cards” “Pocket Perspectives” encouragement….reassurance….nurturing independence ~ More images and  related ideas: to be independent, I might need … Continue reading

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“Well….certainly I can do this ONE little thing…..” …encouraging and motivating oneself…

~ Ah…. getting myself going…an ongoing challenge, at times! The past few weeks, I’ve been taking care of  household “fix-its”… lots of “unfamiliar” tasks or confusing “choices,” feeling more than a bit of confusion… and having a  tendency to just … Continue reading

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Discoverying our special “doorways”…. entering with curiosity and courage, accessing, developing, enriching, sharing…. Nurturing Thursday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Larger copy of: Doorway (to see those beautiful doors more easily) ~ ~ I created this doorway “page” many years ago, long before sharing “pages” and ideas on Pocket Perspectives, as I was trying to … Continue reading

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“The important thing to do is to start…make the leap”

~ ~ From Give Our Time blog, by Eric Winger,  “The Leaves Don’t Hesitate.”  Another similar, inspiring post by Eric: Don’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life” ~ ~ It occurred to me that we all have numerous, varied opportunities … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Choosing how we talk…

~ The page above  includes some criteria  that my family  and I try to  use when we are talking with each other. They’re called “wise” or “ethical” speech… ideas that are from the Buddhist tradition…and they’ve been so helpful in … Continue reading

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