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*** Pocket Perspectives “booklets” viewable on youtube ***

I’ve converted many “booklets” that I’ve created over the past 5 or 6 years into powerpoints and they are now on youtube…now that’s remarkable progress for a “non-techie” person…. : )   The youtube link provides easy access to the “booklets”….there’s … Continue reading

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“Persistence and patience go hand in hand…”

Quote is from “So Look Here”  solookhere A timely reminder for myself…

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Time is not…..suspicious

Getting a better understanding about the subjective nature of  “time” has had me a bit confused…as evidenced in the recent “Time is suspicious” posts.    Well…good news… I mentioned this confusion to my 24 year old daughter Julie and she explained … Continue reading

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A wish for happiness, contentedness and satisfaction

I received this “wish” from a friend a few weeks ago.  I put the wish on another site, but I think it is so special that I’d like to also pass it on to all who might be stopping by … Continue reading

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May there be abundant kindness amongst all…

As the Hurricane Irene approaches and makes landfall on the East Coast….a wish for the safety and well being of all the people in those areas….from people on the West Coast…

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**** Pocket Reminder Cards Set 5 ****

The following “pocket cards” are from July and August posts: Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading Links to posts that explain or elaborate on each card: “Appreciate….be grateful” “Feelings: Arise…abide….dissolve” “Creating ripples” “Flying on the wings of wisdom … Continue reading

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Flying on the wings of wisdom and compassion

A bird needs two wings to fly. Like the bird, we also benefit from using two wings… the wings of “wisdom” and “compassion.” * One wing can be represented by “wisdom”: the perspectives and deep insights  about the nature of  … Continue reading

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