Life is a gift….

There was a special poem on Judith’s blog: I choose how I will live the rest of my life. Here’s the poem….from the book  Even Eagles Need a Push, by David McNally….

“Life is a gift ….accept it
Life is an adventure ….dare it
Life is a mystery….unfold it
Life is a game….play it
Life is a struggle….face it
Life is beauty….praise it
Life is a puzzle….solve it
Life is opportunity….take it
Life is sorrowful….experience it
Life is a song….sing it
Life is a goal….achieve it
Life is a mission….fulfil it

And to this Judith added her  own comment
Life is for living….live it.”

I (Kathy)  put those lines onto  a “page”….
this is a get well present for you, Judith…
hoping that your ankle heals quickly and well….
please take care, rest and be well….
: )


I made a revised version of that piece…



pdf  of the second page:  life offers pdf file

4 Responses to Life is a gift….

  1. judithhb says:

    Thank you thank you. They are both lovely and I particularly love the second one. May print it out and laminate it – and may I share it on my blog please. 🙂


  2. Oh, I’m so happy you like them…. and I’m happy to share anything that I make with others…it’s a pleasure to think of others sharing the ideas….

    And ah ha….you have your own laminator too…I love having a laminator…it’s such a pleasure to run pages though the machine and to see how special the laminated pages look.

    I can add a pdf of the page to the bottom of the post so that it’s easier to print…it will take just a minute or two to add that….and since your ankle and lack of mobility is teaching you so much patience…well, that wait will be easy…. : )


    • judithhb says:

      Thank you thank you again. I have now printed out the special page, it is laminated and on the wall where I can see it. I have expanded my post somewhat and have included your lovely posts.


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