“Mind mumbling”

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And if reasoning, humor and understanding don’t work to get me to cease my  “mind mumblings”,   then there’s this strategy….a suggestion I received  from Jampa, a kind friend who is a Buddhist monk….  : )

5 Responses to “Mind mumbling”

  1. nrhatch says:

    When you mentioned mud pots, I thought I had seen the post before. I hadn’t. I like the “So Enough Of That . . . ” 😀


    • Yes, I find that “stop…so enough on that” to be a helpful reminder for myself….I have that page on a wall in my classroom and had it in the kitchen at home, too….and, for a long time, a pocket card of that in my pocket too. ( after the mind mumbling I found myself bubbling away in this afternoon, maybe I’ll bring it back up to the top of the post-pile…)


  2. Androgoth says:

    This is a nice positive posting and yes why
    not take it back to the top of your blog, we
    all like to re-post our own sometimes and it
    allows new followers to enjoy your posting 🙂

    Have a fun afternoon my friend 🙂



    • Thank you…and a lovely afternoon it was… : )
      I have so many newer pages that I tend to not repost previous ones, unless they’re favorites of mine…or if I’m up to my old “tricks,” such as mind mumbling…and then I’ll pull it to the top as a reminder to myself. I notice people tend to not respond much to posts that aren’t considered as cheerful….I keep lots of this type of pages up in the Pull Weeds tab. (and I find them very very helpful, at times) I’m part way through a post…the “uhoh’s” and “wows” one….took a few day break and will finish it up soon. https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/a-day-in-a-life-the-ups-and-downs-within-a-day/
      Thanks for your feedback…it’s helpful to get that…. : )


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