Taking back “my power”…choices, decisions, options and energy

Here are some drafts of some pages I’m making….as I’m recognizing areas in my life, especially at home,  where it seems like I might have “given away” or “given up on”  my own sense of choices, options, decisions and energy….leading to what seems like a  sense of personal passiveness, at times even a sense of “helplessness”… that isn’t of benefit to anyone…not to those around me, nor to myself…

The reasons for having given those up may…or may not… have been positive, but they aren’t needed anymore…it’s time to shift and reclaim….

I’m guessing this dynamic might be common in other women “of a certain age”…those growing up in a time that encouraged more passiveness…or maybe just “personalities” that might have propensities in that direction?…not too sure…

And so to encourage myself to take back that sense of my own choices, options, decisions, energy…what I’m calling my own sense of “power”… I need those back if I’m going to do what I can do…to use my own skills and strengths in a positive manner…

And so…a few draft pages…




It seems like this shift in perspective involves saying “no” to some choices, perspectives, requests, ways of doing things…

but to recognize that saying “no” to one thing
IS saying “yes” to something else….

so to not stop at just saying “no”…
but to say “yes” to a positive alternative
and go toward…
to take positive action….
toward  that positive alternative…
and to be consciously aware of what I’m saying “yes” to…
and what I’m going toward…
and the positive benefits that could come out of that “yes”

And so…
learning, noticing, practicing
becoming more aware,
choosing more consciously,
recognizing the many potential positive benefits
of “taking back my power”




And since this is going to take conscious awareness
of something I haven’t been very aware of before….
lots of awareness…lots of updated ways of choosing…lots of practice…
here are some pages
that are already printed and cut into sections and taped around the house
in areas that might benefit from  this more positive perspective


4 on a page


2 on a page


tape ups and pocket cards…9 on a page

And so….a draft…some beginning efforts…
hopefully going in a positive and helpful directions

some updates…being the boss of my own choices and actions…

BTB…be the boss


BMOB…be my own boss…a good and positive boss


I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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