“The Greenhouse”

March, 2016:
Since August, 2015, I’ve been creating longer, more in depth “explorations” of a number of  ideas and topics that I’ve been studying, learning more about, pondering  and reflecting upon.

I’ve been putting some of these more “in-depth” explorations up here in the Headline “The Greenhouse”  Tab.

Some of these selections are also embedded into  the “Seeding the Clouds”  headline tab. “Seeding the clouds” includes short descriptions of the various selections and direct links to each one.

I initially put these ideas into that top “Tab”   area so that I could easily access, study and reflect upon the ideas….and learn to shift into healthier perspectives, as I’m living my everyday life.  Of course, anyone who might be interested is  welcome to read and reflect upon any of the ideas, too.

All of the selections have to do with how we might be living our everyday lives…the dynamics of how our minds might be “working” in ordinary, everyday situations.

Many of the ideas are explorations of ideas I’ve learned about through studying Buddhism, but most of these ideas that are also being explored in many philosophical and psychological traditions.

Some of these selections are much longer than a typical post…intended to read slowly, perhaps over several different days. There are a lot of ideas in many of the selections,  so perhaps, to slowly read, reflect and take in whatever ideas might resonate.

These more recent, in depth selections have the numbers 1 to 9 before the title of each post.



When I see posts by other bloggers that I find really inspiring, I sometimes will  add that “quote”/idea to a page of my own… a bit like a translation of those ideas into my own “language” of pages.  I do this so I can continue to reflect on that idea or see it more often.  When I do this, I sometimes put the page in this “greenhouse” section….a spot for seedlings of ideas I’m trying  to  integrate or “get.”  I am so thankful for the wonderful ideas and writing that I find in other people’s blogs….

Other times,  I create pages or posts that don’t fit the mood of the main page…or that I’m still thinking about and not quite ready to add to the main page….so I nestle them into this  “greenhouse/other” category.

Other times,  I like to show pages I’ve made that day to a friend…but the pages are too big (data wise)  to send in emails…so…voila…a good solution for that problem… I sometimes nestle those pages in here too…

Others are welcome to view these pages too….just thought  I’d explain what this tab contains…  : )

: )

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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