“Reflections From a Friend”

Link to another website,  Reflections from a Friend

This other site has many very kind, helpful and insightful  ideas that are bits of advice that I’ve received from Ven. Jampa Choepal, a special friend who is a Buddhist monk, originally from New Zealand and now living in Australia. That site is called “Reflections from a Friend”. Please follow the link and take a look…there are lots of wonderful ideas, from  Ven. Jampa,  in the site…


My favorite card from Reflections

warmth love appreciation


1 Response to “Reflections From a Friend”

  1. In response to a private comment from a reader….thank you for the communication and updates…. wishing you all well. “Reflections” is a quiet, soothing, site filled with loving and nurturing ideas….all generously offered and shared with others…. Kathy
    ps..my very favorite “card” from Reflections site: http://reflectionsfromafriend.wordpress.com/this-precious-opportunity/ It think it’s so special that I guess maybe I’ll add it to the bottom of this post, too! 😀


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