2 LR Group 1 and 2 Mind and Precious Life

LamRim Topics Group 1

Vast, quiet, open

“spaces” of “mind”


“Space is present…..”



Don’t Fence Me In

Roy Rogers


LamRim Group 2

Precious Human Birth


This Precious Human Life

“With Warmth, Love and Appreciation”

Ven Jampa Choepal


“For the tiniest moment in the great span of eternity,
you have the incomparable privilege to exist”

Bill Bryson

“To really use to the fullest, this precious life we have been given”

Ven. Jampa Choepal


“Be a light in my lantern… a light in my lantern…. be a light”

Josh Ritter

What “lights” are there in each of our lanterns?
… The Three Jewels …
Maybe also …
??? many potential “lights” in our lanterns ???
… “spiritual friends” …. “mentors”
… music …
nature… green sprouts, buds, blossoms, greens, sky, rivers, forests
sunshine … amazing clouds… rains… mountains …expanses
people… beloved pets…
…. beauty …
…. inspirations ….
colors … light… joy … delight …
a warm heart … a bright heart… a caring heart …. a loving heart

valuing and deeply appreciating ….
“lights” in our “lanterns”
“guiding” and “strengthening” “lights” … in our precious human lives

(Singing starts at 35 seconds)


Precious Human Life“These ARE the days”

Van Morrison


This Precious Human Life

“From a Distance”

Nanci Griffith


This Precious Human Life

“A Good Day”

Brother David Steindl-Rast

“A Good Day”

Brother David Steindl- Rast


Actual rivers … and ….
metaphorical flowing “rivers” of our hearts, spirits, minds, l

River Take Me Along

Bill Staines


The preciousness of so many qualities as we live with qualities of …

Forever Young

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan


I’ve Got Joy Like a Fountain Peace Life a River

Nancy Cassidy

below …. Kathy and Peter ... from 10 or 5 years ago ..
AND! …. as of today …. March 30, 2023 .. our anniversary
we’ve been married 38 years…. and together for 48 years!
Wow! Amazing! Hurray!
so many moments of… “joy like a fountain”


this precious human life

“Love Changes Everything” …it really does…


Metaphoric “rivers” of this precious human spirit/heart/life

Water is Life

Sara Thomsen


I’ve Got Peace Like a River

Nancy Griffith


“Actual” rivers …
like the exquisitely beautiful and wonderful Pemigewasset River
directly in front of our Lincoln New Hampshire summer home
and …. equally as precious…
the metaphorical flowing “rivers” of ou
r hearts, spirits, minds, life

Watching the River Run

Loggins and Messina


In each of our precious human lives… so much “beauty”
beauties of our hearts, spirits, paths, minds, hopes and dreams

You Are the Beauty of the Dancer

Sara Thomsen


This precious human life … “fleeting” “blossoms”

Today While the Blossoms Still Cling to the Vine

John Denver


Aye, Calypso

John Denver

“Aye Calypso, I sing to your spirit
and those who have served you so long and so w

“Aye, dear __________,
I sing to you spirit
and those who have served you

so long and so well”
… great masters and “teachers” …the teachings, guidance ,
original and historical

and current contributors to this precious human life
thank you … thank you … thank you

Aye, _________, the places you’ve been to
The things that you’ve shown us, the stories you tell

Aye_____________ I sing to your spirit
And those who have served you so long and so well

Like the __________who guides you, you bring us beside you
To light up the darkness and show us the way
For though we are strangers in your silent world
To live on the land we must learn from the sea
To be true as the tide and free as a wind swell
Joyful and loving in letting it be

Aye, _________, the places you’ve been to
The things that you’ve shown us, the stories you tell

Aye_____________ I sing to your spirit
And those who have served you so long and so well


“Love, Love Changes Everything”


Aud Guray Nameh
Snatam Kaur


“Turn! Turn! Turn! To everything there is a season”

The Byrds


“Living” our “true colors”

Living the “colors” of the precious qualities of
…. the 5 Wisdom Families …. the 5 Buddha Families


“Be a Light in My Lantern”


Josh Ritter

(singing starts at 35 seconds)


“Til Kingdom Come”

Cold Play


“The Window… gentle this heart”

Leonard Cohen


If I needed you, would you come to me?

If you needed me, I would come to you.


High Hopes
living with inspirations, aspirations, determination and joyful effort

Frank Sinatra



“Beauty and grace are performed
whether we will or sense them.
The least we can do is try to be there

Anne Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Scroll down the linked page until you come to the “sky” images

Beauty and grace … within the flow of “comings and goings” in our lives


a continuing work in progress


This precious human life

Kathy’s daughter Julie singing this very special song …



Other sites I’ve “created” throughout the years …

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I just found 2 more blogs that I created and thought had been classified as private…
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living the many wonderful qualities of each of the 5 Wisdom/Buddha families

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Ideas for realigning and coming to balancing qualities

5 Wisdom Family Qualities listed
are from Irini Rockwell’s book Natural Brilliance