A day in a life…

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(I created this page when I was working with some very active 10 year old students…kids who had frequent ups and downs throughout the school day, as most kids do.  Although this page has more ups and downs than I typically  have in a day, it still shows how often we might react in  positive or negative ways…and to realize there isn’t a “good day” or a “bad day”…each day often has a mixture of variations on “positives” and “negatives”…..)

There can be so many little ups and downs throughout a day…

from the time we wake up in the morning, (top left, feet in bed) , go through the many ups and downs of  our day and then finally get back into bed at night (bottom left)….depending on one’s reaction to what is happening, one’s thoughts or what is going on….

It’s not really what’s happening that’s the challenge,

it’s my reaction to, or about, what’s  happening.

And so, to try hard to learn to not interpret things in an overly positive or negative manner….

A link to an explanation of a good way of viewing or approaching this idea….

“Real happiness is equanimity and stability…”

I took the ideas in this page and made another page, using a variety of symbols from April and May posts,  that is a kind of expansion of the ideas in this page…I realized that if I don’t learn how to cope with that “stumble”, that life will just seem like a game of “Shoots and Ladders”…tumbling repeatedly when I get into situations that I don’t like…when I have a preference that isn’t being met…

This newer, gameboard  page is my way of talking and reasoning with myself, using symbols…on making better choices when  I meet up with unwanted challenges. This page is also in the Thinking Strategies section….”Choosing a good path…”

Click on images to enlarge, for easier reading…

or larger pdf file of the gameboard…“Choosing a good path” gameboard

pdf image of the key: The “key”…explanation of what individual symbols stand for

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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