Kathy’s 4 other websites

“Reflections from a Friend”   This other site has many very helpful and insightful ideasthat I’ve received from a close friend who is a Buddhist monk, Ven. Jampa Choepal,  in Australia. That site is called “Reflections from a Friend”. Please follow the link and take a look…there are lots of wonderful ideas, from  Ven. Jampa,  in the site…

I’ve also added a tab to link to the original Pocket Perspectives, created in 2008. Please click on that tab to get the link and photos of the site.


whew…I’m surprised…I’d never even been on a blog before a few weeks ago..and now have TWO different blogs ..well, I guess you just never know….


btw…as you can see in the section “About Kathy”, I also teach school….whew..life is getting a bit busy… full and good…but getting busy….so I’m very fortunate indeed. (I need to look more at that Squirrel Balancing Act page…I’ll keep those ideas in mind)

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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