I created this “booklet” Disruptions  a few years ago when I was coping with  several complicated situations=“disruptions”….

Creating this booklet helped me to learn the value of being able tostep out” of the emotion of the situations and to realize there was a kind of “sequential structure” to the progression of dealing with problems or crises…to know/reassure myself that it would eventually pass… ( and I eventually realized that even if the situation didn’t really change, my own reaction to them could….so that’s what this entire web site includes….my efforts to “shift my own perspective” )



“Disruptions”: “slide show” on Pocket Perspectives youtube channel



Just a few months ago, I made the following charts to help myself realize/understand/accept that millions of others on earth struggle with very similar challenges: (filling in these 2 pages really helped me get better perspective)

Chart Page 1 : Common Humanity…every place on earth

Chart Page 2: Common humanity, Shifting out of the reaction

Some strategies for self-soothing, self-comforting, adjusting and shifting: Wide Angle Lens: post withing the Thinking Strategies tab on headline area. (includes some ideas from Dr. Kristen Neff’s website: Self Compassion)

I find that actually USING the following page, talking through the steps, really helps…

And….to keep in mind:  comfort, keep going,  things change…..

From post…“Shhh….it’s going to be okay”

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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