“Sing in me muse….” …Homer’s Odyssey

I participated in a workshop activity, below, using the introduction to Homer’s Odyssey…an activity that I thought offered opportunities for increasing personal awareness and insight as each of us travels our own odyssey or life journey.

We did this activity, below,  at a workshop called The Holographic Butterfly, part Jean Houston’s Mystery School. (Peggy Rubin also was one of the leaders of this workshop and activity)

The text is taken from handouts shared at the workshop. I added background to the text.

The first page, below, is from the introduction of Homer’s Odyssey.

The second page is a “fill in the blank” using the format of Homer’s introduction, with spaces for our own insights…a page encouraging awareness about and insight into one’s own “journey” or “odyssey.”

We took  20-30 minutes to reflect and fill in the page with our reflections… and then shared them with partners. The process of filling it in was remarkably moving and so was the sharing and listening to the partner’s odyssey.

I found that the reflection and filling in my own ideas to be very powerful and actually a bit “life changing”… a release of the past and journeying into the present and toward the field of potential that we call “the future.”


"sing in me muse" Homer's Odyssey


the page below…
pausing, stepping back…
a space to ponder and reflect,
nurturing and accessing greater perspective and oversight…
about the progress along one’s path….
seeing one’s past…
realizing some choices made,  challenges met, lessons learned…
now viewed in a larger context,
perhaps even letting go and releasing the past episodes of the story
as mere chapters in the odyssey

Taking this opportunity for renewal,
increasingly developing and living aligned with chosen goals and potentials,
to  set aspirations, hopes and intentions
for the next part of one’s own journey or odyssey,
to create a vision of what might be,
that is yet to arise

(fill in the blanks, specific to one’s own journey, challenges, triumphs and joys…)


taken from a workpage used at the Holographic Butterfly weekend,
by Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin and Betty Rothberg


"sing in me muse" Homer's Odyssey


2 Responses to “Sing in me muse….” …Homer’s Odyssey

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you for pointing me in this direction, Kathy. I will have to sit down and give this exercise a try once some space and time open up in my life. 🙂


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