Something “rotten”….

This was one of the first booklets that I created… most of my life had been easy and flowed nicely…many kind and loving people, a kind and loving husband, a wonderful daughter, a satisfying job, enough money and a nice home…

Then, I was caught off guard by several very serious, complex, unanticipated problems with people across the country…and I didn’t have a clue with how to cope with the problems. I did handle logistics etc…but still  didn’t know how to come to terms with those challenges…and hence began all the booklets, pages etc.

I’ve found that a helpful  transition out of this type of reaction might be in the “Clear thinking” page. Other pages that I find helpful for myself  might to transition out of this “stage”  include  Why?,    Push/ShoveLetting go of preferences Wide Angle Lens,  and A.I.M.S.

There are many booklets and pages in this site…especially in “Pull Weeds”, “Plant Flowers” and “Thinking Strategies” that I created after that time…with lots of ideas on coming to terms with what one might consider “something rotten”.

Something wonderful: my daughter Julie put a lot of the booklets into slide show format a few years ago…a really kind and generous thing of her to do….I’m still trying to figure out how to do create slide shows, so her help was deeply appreciated…Julie definitely belongs in the “Plant Flowers” tab/column….  : )

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