“Tests and life…” a book

Strategies to help keep oneself going  “when the going gets tough”.

The kids in my class were taking a difficult 4 day test and we were discussing strategies to help keep going when things get overwhelming…helpful ideas for both kids and adults. This “book” was created by a 10 year old student in my class… (see  this link to author explanation for more details…..booklet and author explanation)


August 28: Earlier today, I  managed to get this “booklet” formatted into a powerpoint and onto youtube…so here it is…

10 Responses to “Tests and life…” a book

  1. theponderingturtle says:

    Beautiful : ) It would have been lovely to have someone like you, to tell me these things as a child. I would love to work with kids the way you do. You sure would learn a lot from them. If there was a ‘like’ button, I would like it 10 times… love it!


  2. Thank you….and no “like” button on this page…hey, that’s how I met you… : ) I guess only “posts” have like buttons. And MG was such a special person in my life….I was the lucky one! And now, since you may not have heard these ideas as a child, maybe you can start learning to tell them to yourself?….maybe even make up a few cards of your own? Or just look at a few on this site and learn to believe them…okay? It takes time, but that kind of shift can happen….at least it did for me…but it did take time.


  3. Roberta says:

    This is wonderful! I appreciate that children a allowed time to express themselves in this manner..


    • Thank you. I used to think I needed to use every moment with the kids I teach on what I thought was “productive” learning…and then I realized that productive learning encompasses so much more that….my hunch is that art work and expressive work like she created will stay with her far longer than anything “academic” that I might be teaching, although that helped too…she finally learned to read with the extra help we were able to give her. I didn’t pay too much attention to what she was drawing…and was astounded by her insight and presentation in that daffodil and sky drawing. btw…she took home multiple copies of that booklet for family members and friends…and a poster for her wall, too. She was so proud of what she had created. I sincerely hope that she’ll be able to carry some of those coping strategies and ideas with her.


  4. cuhome says:

    From the mouths of babes . . . such wisdom!


  5. She was so insightful…. I love her comment about “it could be worse”…it could be a college test instead of this one…. : ) she has a very tender spot in my heart…. : )


  6. Dan Erickson says:

    This is very creative and insightful. I love the graphics on this and across your entire site. Do you create them yourself?


    • Isn’t she something?…a very bright girl who, so far, is a survivor….and hopefully will “make it through.”
      I create the “pages” using a program called Print Shop….I started out using it to make pages and cards for kids that I taught, and then realized that I could use them for trying to “get” ideas myself. For myself, graphics/color/few words are like a backdoor (or maybe front door?) into the mind…but shifting still takes lots of practice. : ) btw…the most recent post probably got “inspired” by that Woodie Guthrie musical…to take a stand in whatever types of words/medium one might have. But, of course, the development and progression of young people’s underlying emotional challenges are another pressing problem that needs addressing, rather than what I tended to focus on… but it was my attempt https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/why-why-do-people-do-what-they-do-causes-lead-to-effects-acceptable-levels-of-risk/


  7. Tracy Rydzy, MSW, LSW says:

    I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger and Sunshine Awards. http://ohwhatapain.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/blogging-awards/


    • thank you so much…I really appreciate this and am so thankful that you gain value from ideas in Pocket Perspectives…thank you, Kathy (ps…I’m way behind in acknowledging awards, but very sincerely appreciate them being extended…)


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