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Discoverying our special “doorways”…. entering with curiosity and courage, accessing, developing, enriching, sharing…. Nurturing Thursday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Larger copy of: Doorway (to see those beautiful doors more easily) ~ ~ I created this doorway “page” many years ago, long before sharing “pages” and ideas on Pocket Perspectives, as I was trying to … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Choosing how we talk…

~ The page above  includes some criteria  that my family  and I try to  use when we are talking with each other. They’re called “wise” or “ethical” speech… ideas that are from the Buddhist tradition…and they’ve been so helpful in … Continue reading

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We’re weaving our tomorrows… out of our todays…may we weave well…

~ Peter, Paul and Mary sang a song, Hurry Down Sundown, with a very insightful line in it…. “Weave me tomorrow, out of today” ~ ~ I like using that weaving “symbol” to develop a deeper understanding of everyday life … Continue reading

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a little bit…a little bit…simply a little bit at a time…

~ ~ a little bit…a little bit… simply a little bit at a time… with kindness, gentleness and curiosity… ~ ~ whether small tasks or larger tasks, little trips or big trips, simpler interactions or more complex interactions, learning new … Continue reading

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“In the classroom of the teacher that is your life….”

I receive a daily, early morning email from “Daily OM”…….and some days, the ideas in that email resonate…this morning’s ideas, “The Perfect Teacher”  really did…. Berkeley Hills Live Cam: there will be magnificent views of “live” boldly colorful sunsets (currently … Continue reading

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Just like myself, 6.9 billion other people wish for…..

And so…. Just like myself…. This wish of all people…..all 6.9 billion of us… The wish of “common humanity”…of our “common family” May we all feel happy and contented May we all feel healthy and strong May we all feel … Continue reading

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“Have faith that whatever you are offering to the world…”

This thought was written by happydancecat, Cat,  the writer of a wonderful blog that I had stumbled upon in July: “Year of Kindness.” The post is called “Today you are you,” and is well worth a read… I was so … Continue reading

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