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Today, I am truly grateful for the kindness of others…. awareness and appreciation

Saturday, I enjoyed a day in a “classroom” full of people… lead along by a wise, insightful and fascinating teacher, Angeles Arrien, the author of an incredible (!!!) book that I just started to read on Sunday, “The Second Half … Continue reading

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Uh oh…. “my get up and go…got up and went”

Uh oh…. I wonder what happened to my “let’s take care of this” energy??? it seems to have… …left….gone…missing… Oh no….it can’t leave me now! I have lots that could be taken care of…. lots…and lots…and lots and here I … Continue reading

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Do you ever “wonder” about why you create certain posts? Reflecting on some possible motivations and intentions

I’ve been reflecting on and  pondering about “WHY?” I might create certain “pages” or why I might be motivated to create and share certain posts… ~ Do any other bloggers ever wonder about WHY you create certain posts? I’m guessing … Continue reading

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Noticing the “wow” in each moment of “now”

The following “pages” started out with me creating just ONE simple little window hanger (using that same image from a few days ago) a reminder for myself that there is so much…. “wow!” in each moment of “now” It really … Continue reading

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An afternoon in the redwoods… “my little corner of the world”… beauty, quiet, reflection

I love taking walks in the bogs with Robin, through wildflowers with Joss and Roberta along the shore with Terri and Nancy…. and so many beautiful spots with so many others…. …today… I went to one of my favorite spots… … Continue reading

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Truly appreciating the miracle of….now …so remarkably precious and fleeting… notice and appreciate

~ ~ Wave photo by Clark Little Related posts: February 22, 2012:Louis Schwartzberg, TED video,Gratitude   “You think it’s just another day…it’s not just another day…it’s the one day that is given to you…it’s a gift” June 23, 2010: appreciating … Continue reading

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Letting it go….I just don’t have time to worry about what people think about me anymore…shifting to positive

~ I’ve had this page taped up on the wall for several years..and in my car, above the bed, on the refrigerator…lots of places…a continuing reminder for  me to not worry about, or limit myself by, what I perceive others … Continue reading

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