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Morning has broken….the beginning of each new day

Such a beautiful song….such beautiful words…. ~ This Cat Stevens’ song seems extra-special today…March 30…my husband’s and my anniversary. This song was playing as we….”walked down the aisle”….27 years ago this morning…. “morning has broken….” ~ Well…with a twinkle in … Continue reading

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Circle round the planet…circle for each soul…keep this circle whole

Here are the words from a lovely singing round…. Circle for the planet circle for each soul, for the children of our children, keep this circle whole… Circle round for freedom, circle round for peace, for those of us imprisoned, … Continue reading

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Today I am truly grateful….for the kindness of others

After I got home from work today, I had some quiet time and was thinking about all the kindness I’ve received in my life….really, it’s quite remarkable how much kindness is offered amongst people. I went on thinking about my … Continue reading

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To everything, there is a season…a time to reflect….

It seems one’s  mind really can experience “seasons”….and my mind, oddly enough, seems to be quiet…content, tranquil and quiet….certainly, not something that I’m used to…actually, quite unusual….not many thoughts, not many ideas morphing into images….a seemingly quiet time…a pause… a … Continue reading

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An Irish Blessing: May the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face….

An Irish blessing…. ~ ~ An Irish blessing….a long ago gift from my aunt, a blessing that hangs above the bed, nestled warmly into a scarf, resting upon a textured tapestry of comfort…extending the wishes and blessings to all…loving kindness … Continue reading

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Creating ripples…. contributing, making a difference

Creating ripples…. noticing where there is a need becoming more aware of opportunities to help or support developing the generosity to share what we have putting in the effort to enrich, to nurture, to encourage having the patience to offer … Continue reading

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“Wishing you a relaxing and productive day, full of happiness and a peaceful and stable mind”

This is a kind wish that I received a few years ago… and one  that’s now hanging as a “suncatcher” in our home…. lighting up a wish… for a balance of …. relaxation and productivity a blossoming of… happiness, and … Continue reading

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