Thoughts…. lead to feelings …so learning to be more careful

Thoughts lead to feelings….it’s actually quite a simple, straightforward relationship….

  • positive thoughts lead to positive feelings 
  • negative thoughts lead to negative feelings.

It’s a bit like on ramps and off ramps on a freeway…and so to choose which on ramp or exit we want to take and where we want to go.

Actually, it’s quite simple

  • we all want to be  happy 
  • we all  want to avoid unhappiness…

And so,  to choose carefully in what supports increasing happiness and decreasing unhappiness.

Moreover, to become more aware of our thinking, as it’s happening….and make choices when possible.

Many of the posts within the   “Thinking Strategies” and “Pull Weeds” tab are about

  • strategies to support becoming more aware of negative thinking and/or resulting actions
  • the consequences to ourselves and others of that kind of negative thinking
  •  ways to decrease that type of thinking= pulling weeds

And within the “Thinking Strategies” and “Plant Flowers” Tab:

  • strategies to support becoming happier….simple as that

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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