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Sometimes, I try so hard to figure out why people are doing something in a certain manner.…perhaps even struggling so hard to figure it out, that it might be bringing them, or me,  more unhappiness.

I guess I hope that if I can figure out “WHY?”  they are doing what they do,

then I can figure out how to “fix” things for them. 

What I’ve learned, however, is that the “why” of what people are doing is often so vastly complex that there’s no way to understand “why?”…and that it would be more helpful to them, and myself, to simply accept that somethings can’t be understood…that there are just too many factors.

This page ties in with several other pages in the “Pull Weeds” tab…in fact, it probably ties in with all the pages in that tab.

The progression of pages seems to start with

  • trying to understand “why?” …and not being able to do so
  • and then transitioning to stopping fighting what is happening,
  • learning to  “let go of my own preferences” for the way I would like things to be
  • and accepting what is happening…not giving up, but accepting
  • and also accepting  “not understanding” in the moment.

Another page that helps with this is in the Reflections From a Friend site…. we can’t help everyone, but in our hearts we can wish for  that

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