Older 2008 “Pockets…”

The following link is to the original “Pocket Perspectives” google-site created several years ago.  Original Pocket Perspectives.

That original site, created in google-sites,  contains booklets, presented in slide show format and individual pages. I made the original paper copy”booklets” for myself, and made extra copies to give away…

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading

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  • The bottom part of that home page contains a variety of individual pages, to do with a variety of perspectives and strategies.

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There is also a subsidiary site to that site, called One Page Perspectives: The Storage Room. It also has some materials and ideas that I found very helpful. This is a photo clip of part of that homepage:

My daughter created the original sites for me….and I wasn’t able to figure out how to add pages to it…so I created the newer WordPress blog in April, 2011.

Examples of the original booklets: I made them for my own use, but some others found them helpful, so I made copies to give away.

The booklets were created as I tried to come to figure out a variety of difficult situations.  I had never made booklets like those in the sites, but just seemed to come up with the idea one day. I used the booklets to help myself learn new ways of understanding and seeing challenging or confusing situations.

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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