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Your message DOES matter…. developing the courage and belief to “speak it”

We’ve all learned so much through the ups and downs of our lives…. we’ve  learned how joyful and happy we can feel…. and how sad, or perhaps frustrated, we can also feel… And so to pass along strategies and ideas … Continue reading

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Noticing positives throughout each day…. positive leads to more positive leads to more positive… noticing

~ ~ I’ve posted similar images and ideas about remembering the positives at the end of each day..…. “Noticing the positives at the end of the day.”   I’m becoming aware, however, that if I don’t even “notice” the positives … Continue reading

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“To get into a space where life becomes more of a source of wonder….”

I saw this wonderful quote  in Marie’s post, “The Magic of Belief” at Love is the Answer… I love Marie’s words… to allow ourselves to enter a space… ….to nurture, encourage and welcome ourselves into that space…. …where life becomes … Continue reading

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Earth….holding it gently…for the children of our children, please keep this planet whole

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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May we all feel….. happy and contented…. “loving kindness wishes”

These are sometimes called “loving-kindness” wishes…. wishes for all beings to feel a sense of … happiness and contentment, health and strength, safety and protection and living with ease…. Sometimes, after a busy day or week….it helps for me to … Continue reading

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Uh oh….a wandering mind…. “DGT”….Don’t Go There…. encouraging positive thinking, limiting less postive

Do you ever do some “mind wandering…….” sometimes called “thinking”…. and get caught up in thinking about something unproductive…? that perhaps leads to unpleasant feelings…? that maybe isn’t helpful….? and that feels like it’s  not going in a positive direction…? … Continue reading

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A Very Special Thought…. “So long as space remains….” a prayer from the DalaiLama and Shantideva

I receive several “daily quotes” on my home page….here’s a special one from today…. That quote, from one of the DalaiLama’s favorite prayers, is part of “Shantideva’s Prayer”… a prayer of deeply felt compassion, aspiration and intention, written in the … Continue reading

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