“It’s time to try…. defying gravity….”

From the Broadway musical Wicked…Defying Gravity…

I think that something might have changed within me
something doesn’t seem to be quite the same
I really am ready to be stop playing by the rules
of other people’s games

I think maybe it is time to trust my instincts
to close my eyes and leap
I think it might be  time to try
defying gravity…
to close my eyes and leap…
I think I will try
defying gravity…

I think it’s too late to go back to sleep…
perhaps,  time to trust my instincts
to try out defying gravity
to close my eyes and leap….



May we all develop the courage, creativity and enthusiasm…
to defy whatever gravity we may have felt weighed down by….
to use our time well….
to realize that now is the time
for all of us to start defying gravity….
to open our minds….
our hearts…
our eyes….
and leap….


A comment from Joss, in the comments section…  : )
courage, creativity and enthusiasm!

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17 Responses to “It’s time to try…. defying gravity….”

  1. oh yes, let’s defy gravity, shall we! what a positive exciting post. Thank you so much.


  2. sufilight says:

    Very uplifting message! Words have power to uplift and this song does it for me.


  3. nrhatch says:

    Awesome message, Kathy. Here’s to defying gravity . . .


  4. granbee says:

    A true lover’s leap we need to take, but only as we are truly loving of all can we be airborne!


  5. eof737 says:

    Not tonight … but I’ll say go to it… defy and delight in defying! 😉


  6. becca givens says:

    Love the message of inspiration … cheering us on … thank you for sharing!!


  7. Beautiful words that inspires the heart. I needed to hear this today, ” think maybe it is time to trust my instincts
    to close my eyes and leap…” A lot of times, all it takes is a bit of courage, of faith…and the rest our Lord will take care of. Thank you and wishing all life’s wonderful blessings…


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