8. “Of course it’s speculation….what do I know?”



A comment made by K’s husband P…..after she commented that a statement that P. made was more “speculation” than “fact”…

“Of course it’s speculation!  What do I know?”

If one thinks about it, there’s very little that ISN’T simply an opinion  (speculation).   The comment was quite remarkable since it came from a very calm, self confident, “successful,”  attorney…wow!

Our opinions, speculation and beliefs seem to come out of our own life experiences, as seen through our own filters of strengths, weaknesses, history, preferences etc….and how we personalize those experiences and file them in our minds.

And last night….another comment….I was so surprised that I wrote it down in a restaurant…K commented..”I don’t know if I’m being useful.” (to anyone else in life, now that I’m not working anymore)…. P’s  comment:

“We don’t know anything in life really.”

yup…wisdom developing/emerging with age and time…life can be a lot easier once one accepts that premise. And so, learning  to get off that carousel of the mind… the magical mystery tour of the speculations of the mind.  (Link: post from June, 2011: “Magical Mystery Tour…Hypothetical Thinking”)

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