Learning to “rest at zero”= not interpreting

This page is a progression…combining  two other pages…(see below this top image)

When something happens,
or maybe something doesn’t happen…
or  when someone else reacts,
or maybe someone else doesn’t react…
there is the potential for  adding my own positive or negative interpretations
and leading to reactions on my part…

And so….
it might be a bit like what is represented on this page…
and a solution to that…
to learn to “rest at  zero”

Click on image, to enlarge, for easier reading

Positive and negative interpretations about something that happens, or doesn’t happen…. like positive and negative integers on the number line…“Why….adding my own meaning”

The idea of using the number “zero” started with my own reaction to  the “site statistics” for the 2 blogs that I have… a function that keeps track of how many “hits” there are on a site each day…it keeps track of that number and creates graphs etc for the writer of the blog. (but it doesn’t identify who, how long or where….just that someone, somewhere clicked on the site…)

Well, with a newish blog, apparently, it’s not unusual to have variation from day to day...and to learn  to NOT pay any attention to that number and not to take that  number “personally”… to not place interpretations or meaning on whatever  that “number” may be.

Some days there are 5 or 10 hits , some days many more and some days it’s “zero”…but to not see those numbers as significant or important and  to NOT  add  my own meaning or interpretation to those numbers…

It seems that for me,  “zero” presents a bit of a challenge..it doesn’t happen often…but still,  it’s a bit difficult  to  NOT react to a zero…(I think maybe it’s kind of like being a self conscious 7th grader again? ).

So, I’m working at changing my thinking from  the idea of “zero= no interest”  to “zero= no interpreting on my part= resting in a non-reaction” …a much more productive and positive use of zero. (update June 28, 2011: well, I’m making good progress on accepting the idea of  NOT adding meaning if there are “no hits”……..but I’m still working on it…not done yet…)


I try to go back to my own motivation and intentions for the pages I create…

  • I initially create them for myself, to try to figure out a challenge.
  •  To do that, I  create an easy to remember graphic representation about the challenge or solution…
  •  I put that page up on a wall, make little cards for it and keep reminding myself of the insights or understandings in the page…
  • After a few years of creating, I decided to make a blog, to share the pages, in case others might find the ideas helpful for themselves…

So…if others come to the blog and find value…well, that’s a lovely thing…I’m really happy to contribute…. If people don’t come….or don’t find value…well, everybody is different, so that’s bound to happen….

And so…to  fall back on my own positive intention in creating and sharing the pages. And if nothing else, the pages are really helping me to shift and become a person who can live with more awareness and ability to contribute to the lives of others…

Although the “zero” idea started with site statistics, I’m finding it applies to dozens of other situations each day in my life…I’m quite amazed that I add so much interpretation and meaning to events, interaction, thoughts etc throughout my day…actually, it’s not a pleasant surprise… 

Some very good advice that was given to me about seeking approval, by a friend name Jampa….So, to not get involved in “adding meaning”, but to rest in my own positive motivation….

And….The Magical Mystery Tour.…adding  positive or negative interpretations, and going for the corresponding  “ride”  on the carousel of “reacting”…..(click on page link for more explanations)

Resting at zero….
not interpreting

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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