Piles of Smiles

I highly recommend printing this page and hanging it in an easily visible spot. It’s a real “cheerer-upper.” View a larger, printable pdf image: Piles of Smiles

Here is another cheerful page….created after making the “Smile ’til Your Cheeks Hurt” page.

Teaching school…and being around little kids…can be like being in a  “Pile of Smiles”…and hence this page.

My daughter, Julie, works in a preschool/daycare with children from 2 months old to 5 years old. The descriptions of her days reminds me of the “Piles of Smiles” that one gets when working with little ones…

And so…a reminder to myself….to look for the positive, to notice and appreciate what’s good in life..maybe not always with an actual  smile on my face, but at least with a smile in my heart.

2 Responses to Piles of Smiles

  1. Hayley says:

    I absolutely love your visual of piles of smiles! I have a little preschool & hope you would not mind if I use your picture. I too love little children. They are sure to put a smile on my face everyday! What a blessing children are!


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