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“Uh oh! It’s getting dark so early! Now WHAT am I going to DO?”

~ ~ Anyone noticed?…it’s getting dark earlier and earlier! I LOVE being outdoors……when it’s light! But now…it’s dark! uh oh… Now WHAT am I going to DO? ~ well….I suppose maybe…. ~ ~ The problem is… I don’t enjoy doing … Continue reading

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“Taking in the good”…. noticing and taking in the goodness around us…ideas from a class by Rick Hanson

~ I took a wonderful, six week class this summer… “Taking in the Good” … created and led by Rick Hansen, author of  the wonderful books Buddha’s Brain and Just One Thing. Rick is in the process of writing a … Continue reading

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“Can I do anything about this?” …choosing how one might react to challenges or worries…

~ I recently read about a potentially effective way to look at “worrying”… (from The Worry Solution, by Dr. Martin Rossman ) to simply consider whether I CAN do something about a situation or problem… and if  I CAN, to … Continue reading

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Accessing motivation…I can’t believe the number of “excuses” that I can come up with!

~ Do you ever hear the “excuses” that might go through your mind?….attempting to avoid doing something, or taking care of something…the level of avoidance can be amazing! ~ I’ve found that it can be helpful to actually listen to … Continue reading

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Creating a “meaningful life”…. meaning, structure and community

Some potentially positive components of a meaningful life… meaning…structure…community living with a sense of personal meaning and purpose, creating a positive structure for one’s time, activities and interactions developing an engaged community with others meaning…structure…community creating each individually leading to … Continue reading

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“Well….certainly I can do this ONE little thing…..” …encouraging and motivating oneself…

~ ~ How to “get oneself going?” How to jump start some momentum? How to find ways to get started when the “task” is realistic and manageable? How to give oneself a “green light”… a signal that it’s okay to … Continue reading

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Friendship, love and connection…the orangutan and the hound dog…an amazing, heartwarming video….

~ Have you ever met someone who seemed, even from that first glance, like a long lost, dearly loved friend? …an instant, deep connection… a connection that leads to a  joyful and meaningful friendship ~ Below the following photos, is … Continue reading

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