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Happiness…if not now, then when?

Perhaps we each have our own ideas about what “being happy” may involve?… For myself, it seems to involve more of an ongoing sense of  “well being” or “contentment”. Martin Seligman, the author of the book  Flourish, uses the  word … Continue reading

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Surprise myself… opening to positive possibilities and actions

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading So this is a hope that I have…to loosen up, try new ways of thinking or looking at things…trying new activities…new strategies…shifting my perspective… to surprise myself… Or maybe a chart? To … Continue reading

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Lantern: “My religion is kindness….” …HHDalaiLama

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Multiple new pages…

There are several new posts/pages in the “Pull Weeds” and  “Thinking Strategies”  tabs,  up above in the headline area.  The pages under those tabs do not display in the “Recent Posts” column to the right. I have found some of … Continue reading

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“My religion is kindness…” Dalai Lama

This past week,  I let myself get very busy and preoccupied with handling meetings, writing reports and testing kids.  Well, I got so preoccupied with all of those other “tasks”  that I didn’t even remember how important and precious  it … Continue reading

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“Our prime purpose is to help others”…DalaiLama

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Comfort: Shhh….it’s going to be okay

~ This image was on a slipper box…what a wonderful dog…thank goodness for the love, kindness, support and reassurance of old friends…       (Old Friend Shoes) ~ ~ We have a wonderful dog…as sweet, kind, loving and wonderful  a dog as … Continue reading

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