A Banana Bread Perspective …the past….present…future….

I sometimes get a bit tangled up…
wandering around in remembered events that happened in  the past,
pausing occasionally in a present moment,
and then gallivanting off into the imagined future….

A friend who is a Buddhist monk  wrote the following to me…. to help me “get” why that’s not productive…. I thought I’d share what he wrote with others, in case anyone else does similar wandering…

And so here is the progression of that banana cake….
past………to present……to future….
the progression of
the future that will emerge out of the past and present…


And now, another, somewhat shortened version of that first message….separated so that it makes one point per line….. to help me really “get” it…


*( 🙄 soooo……simple as that….although….. this present moment, which is the effect that came out of the past causes….will change from an effect….to the cause for the future effects….a simple progression…but see why I get tangled???  So…this present moment is an effect, but  will change into a cause…. 🙄 )

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13 Responses to A Banana Bread Perspective …the past….present…future….

  1. leah77 says:

    Good Morning! Yes it is simple and I do get it. BUT…I also find myself getting tangled up in it, like trying to untangle a garden hose, which has a beginning and an end, and a logical solution, but I get lost in the loops and knots, and want to toss the whole thing away and buy a new hose. Of course once I calm down and face thing logically instead of emotionally I can easily untangle the hose. Okay, maybe it sounds complicated, kind of like “Who’s on first? I don’t know. No. He’s on second.” LOL!! But I do get it!!
    Sending hugs, and like you I have proof of yesterday in the form of oatmeal cookies. I love to bake! 😉


    • Now THAT brings a smile of recognition to my face…..that garden hose image is wonderful!… And ….oh…oatmeal cookies?….I love oatmeal cookies….it’s a good thing I don’t have those here…they would become the new cause for the effect of me eating too many and accumulating them around my middle. (we’re in the cause and effect process of following the Dukan food plan….loving the effects…)


  2. nrhatch says:

    Great reminder to Be Here NOW! 😀

    It is ONLY in the NOW that we can enjoy the taste of that Banana Bread.


  3. I do look into the past with fondness, but I have long since realized that it’s The Now that is important. Thanks, though, for reminding me about how everything I do today may influence my tomorrow.


    • The reading series we use at school does a lot of cause and effect with the 4th and 5th graders…it’s interesting to see how the kids are developing a much stronger sense that what they are doing right now will lead to effects down the road a bit…good lesson for them and, as always, teaching lessons to kids helps reinforce it for the teacher.


  4. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Pocket Perspectives,
    The now is all that there is, the past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet, but I will make the most of this present moment to have a glorious future.
    Take care..


  5. Robin says:

    I love this phrase: “…the only thing that is abiding is this moment.”

    I also love what you did with it, banana bread and all. 🙂


    • I love that phrase too….
      I’ve notice several times in the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about “challenges” that are from the past and the image of those banana bread ingredients comes to mind…and the awareness that that part of things is done….. “that moment is gone and nothing I can do now can influence the outcome of that……” …so if the baking powder had an “expired date”…well too late to change that…and to go forward from here.


  6. eof737 says:

    Being present in all things is important… NOW is where the real action is… Now pass the banana bread, please. I’m starving. 😉


  7. Love this post! And I love that banana bread has linked us through time and space, in the endless constant of what is. Bless xx


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