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“Dancing Brightly”…to continue to lighten up and enrich our lives

The “Dancing Brightly” image…. seems to be dancing along  a wider path exploring new tunes, moving along  with more courage and strength adding whirling transitions, experimenting with  new steps, expanding into new “venues” “dancing brightly,” indeed…. And so….a youtube presentation … Continue reading

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“In the classroom of the teacher that is your life….”

I receive a daily, early morning email from “Daily OM”…….and some days, the ideas in that email resonate…this morning’s ideas, “The Perfect Teacher”  really did…. Berkeley Hills Live Cam: there will be magnificent views of “live” boldly colorful sunsets (currently … Continue reading

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To continue to keep offering to the world

Just a little reminder to myself…“Have faith that whatever you are offering to the world…” a kind and nurturing reminder …. ( a repost from September….) we all offer so much…. may we access the generosity, kindness, strength and resilience … Continue reading

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The Bongo Board…balancing in the present moment

Sometimes I find it helpful to think of my mind being a bit like a body balancing on a Bongo Board…. When I put too much weight to one side, for example in the past…. the board tips and I … Continue reading

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I just don’t have time to worry about….

Time really is very precious, and to “waste” that  time being concerned about what others might be thinking about us would be an unfortunate use of something that is very precious… Sometimes we might “worry” or be “concerned” about what … Continue reading

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“Everyday Miracles”…please add a few of your own….

I have an idea! …..based on some ideas in the previous post, “A Starbuck Moment,” Looking at Life With a Sense of Wonder….. Someone left a few of his own  special “everyday miracles” in the comments section of that post…and … Continue reading

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“A Starbuck Moment” …looking at life with a sense of wonder

Starbuck (no s), the cat, gazing out the window with a look of wonder…this was taken last winter, a day of the first snow where she lives. Starbuck was mesmerized by those first falling snowflakes. I call this idea of … Continue reading

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