“Choosing a Good Path”… A gameboard

This “path”  shows a progression in time…(similar to “A day in a life” in the Pull Weeds tab)…..starting out in the upper left hand corner…..acting out of kindness, positive intention etc…then arriving at  a “preference”  (some way that I want things to be) that isn’t being met….and making a choice..….  towards positive, which is holding onto positive intentions, regrouping and getting back on trackor….towards negative, which is the stumbling and pushing and shoving…but eventually shifting out of that back to positive or neutral.

The symbols on this “path” are from the various pages and posts on this blog. (a “key” explaining the symbols is under that board.)

As the path continues, more preferences arises,choices are made…

just like we make all day, every day… in our everyday lives….

click on image to enlarge…or pdf image of that board…(large file, may open slowly)    Choices along a path

The reason I compiled this page was to try to give myself some images/symbols to remember as I make choices throughout my own day…

(images are often easier to remember,and  more powerful, than words)

If you follow along the “path” of the board,  there’s kind of a flow to it..kind of like drafting on a bicycle….maybe getting into the flow, whether a positive flow or negative flow, is a bit like that…just drafts you along…

I also noticed, after I made this path, that the tumble into the negative mind/thought/action bypasses the other positive route with lots of happiness on it…kind of like life, I suppose. So…another reason not to stumble into that negative…I’ll miss out on tons of happy, positive experiences…

Okay….my  husband Peter suggested a key to some of the symbols…

Click on image to enlarge or

Larger pdf of the key: (large file, may be slow to open)

“A Path”: explanation of symbols

And so…

for each one of us to try, as much as we can,

to be inspired, as we walk our own paths,

by our own lantern(s), motivations and intentions…

what ever those might be..

Josh Ritter singing  Lantern Song

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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