Stay out of the attic….

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or click here to view pdf file of that page (may be a bit slow to open) Stay out of other people’s attics

This page is not to say that I’m not willing to be helpful to others…

just to use learn to use good judgment about when to try to help out

and when to keep my distance…

I can’t remember exactly what was going on in my life when I created this page a few years ago….I think it may have had something to do with a situation with a conflict among several other people at work.… I must have gotten involved in trying to “help out” or to try to  “fix” something for someone else  and gotten “zapped” by getting involved…well, it’s a good reminder for me to be careful and to use good judgment when getting involved with others’ challenges…and to learn that sometimes all I can do is to have kindness in my heart…but to understand that I often can’t “fix” complex problems for others…

A page from another site, “Reflections from a Friend”,  that ties in with this idea …No matter how strong our wish

the “page” that says…”hopes may starve…”…that may sound a bit bleak, but it refers to some baby raccoons that actually did die in our attic on an extremely hot summer day…but that is NOT a photo of them….it was horrible to hear them but not be able to get to them…such a remarkably sad thing to have happened… the “raccoon man” came and cut through the roof to try to rescue them, but it was too late.  And so, to consider staying  out of other people’s attics…not a good place to be…

4 Responses to Stay out of the attic….

  1. Julie says:

    Not to mention, of course, the harm that may come to the people whose attic it is! I know for me, that’s always somewhere in my mind. Because the very late night “thumps” of the real raccoon getting into our attic were assuredly less than fun!


  2. Julie says:

    Or, you know…tearing up the roof and then replacing it!


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