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“Mis-gauging”…double checking my observations and interpretions

This post is slightly “embarrassing”….but I think it contains important ideas…it shows how easy it is to follow a line of potentially “logical reasoning”….but if the “original observation” is mistaken, then the entire line of reasoning is mistaken. ….and the … Continue reading

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*** Pocket Reminder Cards: Set 3, Set 4

Click on image to enlarge or go to the Pocket Reminder  Set 3: May 18-June7 This set of  pocket sized “reminder cards”  consists of images  from posts dated between May 18 and June 7, 2011.  All posts are  can be … Continue reading

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“Clear” thinking: a few helpful steps and strategies to progress through a “reaction”

Here are some steps I use when trying to work my way through a reaction… instead of just reacting in a heated manner, I’m learning to use more logic and reasoning to understand a possibly frustrating situation… I’ve been using … Continue reading

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A “thank you” to all those who help others…..

I think  the lyrics and music of the song “Calypso”  express the beauty and generosity of those who help others…whether helping animals,  people or the environment… And so… my page of thanks to all those who help and serve others, … Continue reading

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“Seeking approval”… letting it go, resting in positive motivation

The following advice was written to me, a few months ago, by a very insightful friend… July, 2012 An expanded post “Letting it go…I just don’t have time to worry about what people think about me anymore….shifting to positive” ….learning … Continue reading

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Patience: a “vast subject”…

I received the following ideas from a very insightful friend…. click on image to enlarge, for easier reading       I find that having and developing patience is a challenging endeavor…. I think it’s really hard. I’ve been consistently “working on … Continue reading

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“The Magical Mystery Tour”…hypothetical thinking

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading Sometimes habitual  “hypothetical  thinking” can be a bit like an illusionary “Magical Mystery Tour” on a carousel. If it’s positive hypothetical thinking, maybe it’s like one of those wonderful, smoothly flowing, colorful … Continue reading

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