Pocket Reminder Cards: Set 2

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading  

Card Set 2: April 26- May 11

As with the other cards in Card Set 1, I print these cards and put one or two in my pocket each morning…depending on what I’m trying to learn or remember.

Pdf  image of “Card Set 2”: Pocket Perspectives Card Set 2:
April 26- May 11
   (may be a bit slow to open…it’s a large file)

Pdf: Pocket Cards Set 2: with cutting lines, white background

As of June 28, there are 3 sets of “reminder cards:

Pocket Card Set 1  (Posts between  April 4- April 26)  (click on link to open)

 Pocket Card Set 2 (Posts between April 26-May 11)   (click on link to open)

Pocket Card Set 3:  (Posts between May 18- June 7)    (click on link to open)

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