Why? … “There’s naught so queer as folk”

This morning, I added a phrase of Scottish wisdom…

“There’s naught so queer as folk”

 to the bottom of  some older pages called “Why?”.

I made those  pages many years ago, as I was starting to realize that I sometimes just couldn’t understand why people do whatever it is that they are doing…

we’re all such complex and convoluted combinations
of parts and pieces,
strengths and weaknesses,
past experiences
and the conditions and needs of each present moment…

so to accept that we all do
whatever it is that we do…

and to let that be.

That bit of Scottish wisdom came from a post , “There’s naught so queer as folk” by Nancy Hatch, on her blog Spirit Lights the Way….a very helpful post…

July 22,2012: Another perspective on “why?”…. in many situations, just saying “shhhh…” and “accept….” are not an option…:  “Why?…Causes Lead to Effects…Acceptable Levels of Risk”

2 Responses to Why? … “There’s naught so queer as folk”

  1. nrhatch says:

    I love this! The complexity is mind boggling.

    Oft times we cannae e’en understand ourselves . . . much less our fellow travelers. Acceptance is the key. 😀


    • That page on the upper right in that page…the one with so many lines and words…it repeatedly caused the older computer I made it on to crash when I tried to revise it or print it …I had to give up on that page….that was another obvious sign to me to give up on trying to figure out why people do what they do…


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