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“A more friendly, caring, understanding human family…” DalaiLama

A nice “appeal”  for ending the month of April, and going into the month of May. I made a pdf page containing 4 smaller versions of this page HH Dalai Lama wish : I printed it out, cut page into … Continue reading

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“Muddy Dog Thinking”

Please look under “Pull Weeds” tab at the top of the headline area to view a multiple page photo sequence called “Muddy Dog Thinking”.  (or just click on that link)  This post includes an explanation of the image and ideas, … Continue reading

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A compassionate heart

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Hornby Eagles : A baby eagle has hatched…

2012 Live Cam from a more distant tree: Hornby Eagles Main site: Hornby Eagles 2011: Ongoing daily “Video Clips”  from Hornby  Eagles site: many wonderful video clips, added multiple times each day…with explanations about what is happening with the eaglets and … Continue reading

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Moving past “preferences”….

Sometimes, I notice myself straining against or resisting the way other people may be doing things or handling something. When this happens, I’m trying to learn to “think” my way through that situation by looking at….  (further explanation of this … Continue reading

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***Pocket Reminder Cards: April, Set I

All of the cards in the photo and image below, are displayed individually, with explanations, further down in the blog. Please scroll down to see the larger, individual images and explanations. Click on images above to enlarge them Click here … Continue reading

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Notice the Positives

Ahh….sometimes this is a challenge… trying to notice the positives…and then to remember them….challenging at times. I’ve been encouraged, by someone that I respect greatly,  to notice the positives throughout the day, to develop that habit. I’ve also been encouraged … Continue reading

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