Friday June 17

(Sometimes I like to show a  friend ideas I’ve been figuring out by making pages …but the pages are too big (data wise)  to send to them in emails…so…voila…a good solution for that problem…a new tab called  “Other”… Others are welcome to view these pages too….just thought  I’d explain what this tab contains…  )

A page of pocket cards….


The following 5 pages: “Meaning Added” to an event, interaction etc… a positive or negative  interpretation or “spin” on things …maybe larger on the negative, maybe larger on the positive….instead of just zero…which would be resting in letting things be, without trying to interpret…. the following 5 images of a number line,  show a progression from “reacting”, which often comes out of positive or negative interpretations… less reacting, (due to less interpreting)  to resting in “zero”, to quiet….a very healthy, positive shift, as I see it…

The potential of large amounts of negative or positive interpretations…..

To less inflated interpretations, but still negative or positive.

“simply zero”…without add meaning in either direction, although the tendency to do that may be “lurking” quietly in the mind….

progressing to this…..simply zero….letting go of adding meaning or interpreting….

and then this…just calm, not reacting or adding any meaning…just quiet….not that there is “nothing”...just ceasing to add my own meaning or interpretation...a welcome relief...a calm state of mind…

and someone wrote something to me about “sharing one’s heart with the world”…I thought that was such a nice thought, so made this…

I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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