Mindfulness: Choosing how we talk…


The page above  includes some criteria  that my family  and I try to  use when we are talking with each other. They’re called “wise” or “ethical” speech… ideas that are from the Buddhist tradition…and they’ve been so helpful in our home.

 Initially, I wanted to try to have other family members try to keep these principles in mind…I thought I was positive and considerate in how I talked, but that the other family members were not doing so great at these qualities. We (I)  taped this page up on a kitchen cupboard door…as a reminder.

What I found out was a bit of a surprise!  I wasn’t as innocent a communicator as I had thought…using a lot more than my own share of  low key “bickering” and negativity. Now THAT was not a pleasant surprise. Well, I shifted and so did the others… a very welcome shift.


This page has been on our kitchen cupboard door for several years…
a positive inspiration leading to very positive changes.



Another, simpler version of this reminder…one I used with children I taught



Pocket cards:   I often put little “pocket reminder cards”  in my pocket each morning. Here’s one that I find helpful….

wise speech pocket cards


Choosing how we talk… keeping those criteria in mind….leading to positive changes


wise speech criteria~

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14 Responses to Mindfulness: Choosing how we talk…

  1. Robin says:

    I should have read this prior to making phone calls this morning to straighten out some problems with our insurance. The problems were a result of mistakes made by others, but I could have been nicer, especially since I’m far from perfect. Not that I was terribly mean (I’m not good at being mean). Reading your post, I realized that I was “using a lot more than my own share of low key “bickering” and negativity.”

    I recently read about a challenge to spend the day without resistance by gently disengaging from the need to argue or sway someone or defend your point of view. I think today would be a good day for me to practice that. 🙂


  2. Jenna Dee says:

    Very wise advice that I try to live up to every day. Love Jenna


  3. These thoughts are really helpful, Kathy. I think it’s always a challenge to keep communication “agenda free” and these cards, as reminders, would really be helpful! I’m going to carry this with me as the focus and direction for my own communication, Kathy. The timing is really helpful to me…thank you!


  4. hugmamma says:

    Very good reminder. Funny how we often overlook our own human frailties. Along with nurturing ourselves, we need to give ourselves a little scolding now and then. hugs for sharing…


  5. lauriesnotes says:

    Love this.. inspiring words..and I like the simplicity.
    Beautiful..love the pocket cards :).


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