Notice the Positives

Ahh….sometimes this is a challenge… trying to notice the positives…and then to remember them….challenging at times.

I’ve been encouraged, by someone that I respect greatly,  to notice the positives throughout the day, to develop that habit.

I’ve also been encouraged to review each day’s positives, just before going to sleep…now, I find that a bit difficult…usually I’ve had enough of the day by then and just want to go to sleep…but I’m giving this idea a try.  Perhaps that’s a bit like a “thankfulness” or “gratitude” practice…but might include a broader range of positives.  Here is a link to some really good and helpful  books about Gratitude by author MJ Ryan:  Gratitude Books

Click on images below to enlarge (for easier reading):

“ThePotency…” quote from a Buddist Rinpoche…a very powerful sounding statement. Enough to convince me to try harder to notice the positives…

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