May we all feel….. happy and contented…. “loving kindness wishes”

These are sometimes called “loving-kindness” wishes….

wishes for all beings to feel a sense of …
happiness and contentment,
health and strength,
safety and protection
and living with ease….

Sometimes, after a busy day or week….it helps for me to remind myself…that all people…those who were pleasant and helpful…those who smiled and were kind and positive….but also those who seemed irritating or contentious….those who perhaps  tailgated and seemed to deliberately cut others off in traffic….those who might have seemed disengaged, abrupt or a bit rude….every single person….has this same wish….underneath, we all have the wish of common humanity

But then sometimes, when we might be feeling a bit tired or worn out….perhaps it might be more helpful to  just fall back into a more personal, soothing sense…to nurture and rekindle one’s own spirit….and to kindly offer those wishes to oneself…which soon will naturally extend to others…so a bit of personal soothing and kind wishes toward oneself…

And so….
a Friday wish
…….an every day wish…….
that we all take a bit of time to nurture ourselves…
to offer kindness, patience, generosity, acceptance and gentleness to ourselves…
to nurture the goodness and wonder inside of each of us….

a sincere and heartfelt Friday wish
from me to all of you…

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10 Responses to May we all feel….. happy and contented…. “loving kindness wishes”

  1. as you wish for us, I wish for you as well.


  2. thank you Joss…a bit tired here…so am following the ideas about rest and nurture…


  3. This is beautiful – thank you ♥. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to rest, and you are feeling more refreshed.


  4. That’s a wonderful wish for all of humanity, Kathy. I wish everyone could live with ease and contentment. “If I could ease one heart of breaking . . .”


  5. Wouldnt that be so wonderful if people could live with ease and contentment…. and yes, if we could do that…..
    Emily Dickenson…. a touching and beautiful sentiment…maybe we can’t stop it, but to ease it at least….
    “If I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.”
    Emily Dickinson


  6. granbee says:

    What a gift to us this post is! Bless you, dear heart! Yes, I think almost everyone would like to actively wish these gifts of mind and spirit on everyone all the time, but just let the fatigues and stresses of daily life sort of divert these wishes into sinkholes of sorts! Very wonderful things wished back at YOU!


  7. Oh, yes, those sinkholes….once in awhile I stumble into those too….
    I actually was concerned after posting this that I might be overwhelming people with too many pages about kindness, caring etc… ahhh…those self doubting thoughts can be tricky at times… Then I decided that my motivation in/for this blog is simply to share what I make and care about with others….and to let it rest at that, trying not to be concerned with potentially imagined reactions…can you believe I feel self conscious about being kind???? Thank you for your reassuring comments…I really appreciate your encouragement and kindness….thank you


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