***Pocket Reminder Cards: April, Set I

All of the cards in the photo and image below, are displayed individually, with explanations, further down in the blog. Please scroll down to see the larger, individual images and explanations.
Click on images above to enlarge them

Click here for larger pdf of Pocket Reminder Cards: Set 1 (may be slow to open)

The name of this site, “Pocket Perspectives” is true…I really do have little reminder cards that I put in my pocket each morning.

Each morning, as I get dressed, I choose 2 or 3 cards that have ideas that I’m trying to learn or keep in mind. Before I put the cards in my pocket, I read each one, think about the idea and set the intention to try to use that idea that day…and hence, they really are my own “Pocket Perspectives”.

I encourage others to give this “Pocket Reminder Card” idea a try…it seems to be helpful.

Click on above page to enlarge it.  The page above is a compilation of  business size “reminder cards” of many of the pages that have been posted during April. All of these pages, including explanations,  are below, or in the Recent Posts column to the right. (Link to  a pdf full size, printable copy of page: Click here for larger pdf of Pocket Reminder Cards: Set 1,may be a bit slow to open. Here is the page with cutting lines on it: Pocket Cards with cutting lines: Set I)

The refrigerator door, bathroom mirror or my desk at work seem to be other good places to post the cards, too.

Click for larger size image. This is the same page of  pocket sized reminder cards, with cutting lines on it. I print the cards on 64 or 96 pound paper and then cut them into business sized cards.  It’s fine to print them on regular paper, however. I also laminated the cards in the photo at the top of this post.

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