Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine…today is THE moment…

The song Today While the Blossoms Still Cling to the Vine  was from 1964….it has such a simple and poignant message. In 1964, I thought of it in terms of teenage affection….

now I see it as a much deeper life message…

This afternoon, as I was driving home…it was a beautiful clear sunny afternoon, leaves on the trees changing to brilliant colors, deeper shadows and colors due to the sun being lower in the sky,  people walking around laughing, talking, enjoying each other, the air so warm and clear…a really magical day.

And I thought of this song as I drove along…and the song just sang away….happily, wistfully and poignantly  in my head…. maybe one of those soft intuitive whispers that I hoped might surprise me….I think maybe so….  : )

And so…
today…and today….and today…
whether it be flowers on a vine, leaves on a tree,
a smile on a face,  joy in a heart
to notice and appreciate all the joy that is ours
in each precious moment of our “today”…


The song was soooo much better being sung by a 15 year old boyfriend…but all I can find is John Denver on youtube

Oh here’s Randy Sparks singing it….that must have been a lonnnnnggg time ago…  🙄



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10 Responses to Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine…today is THE moment…

  1. nrhatch says:

    Here’s to finding the joy inherent in every moment! 😀


    • Me too…. it was going through my head during the night too…especially the lines “today is my moment….now is my story” …realizing that the choices I make in each moment and the actions I take in each moment do create, are creating, the story of my life..


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  4. Kate Kresse says:

    i know you posted this months ago. but i noticed it in your list of posts right after reading your post of 9/8/12 about doing something different today—so they seemed to belong together to me today!


  5. Nora Grace Fergason says:

    One of those songs that you hear once, perhaps not even directly, while your doing something else, you know not really listening close, & then **bam**pop**wow**, this simple song takes over your life. Like a very pleasant, warm, slyly happy remembrance it never leaves you because you want to hold onto it. It warms you, it makes you smile. & people wonder what you’re remembering.


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