Sometimes life involves a careful balancing act

Ah, yes:  balancing:intention…ingenuity…courage…effort…persistence

I seem to be needing those qualities today….

and happen to be using all of them right now, too.

You Can Get It If You Really Want: Jimmy Cliff

The squirrel:  This bird feeder, hanging outside our kitchen window, is a “Squirrel-proof” feeder. (well, I guess they didn’t know about this clever squirrel)  If a “heavy” bird or animal sits or pulls on the feeding bar, a  metal leaf door slides down and closes the feeding slot.  The Squirrel, being very clever,  figured out how to hold onto the feeder bar without putting all of her/his weight on it…and then proceeded to do an amazing wobbly,  off balancing, tumbling, balancing/surfing act as it ate.  The skinny little camellia branch wouldn’t even begin to hold its weight…but that was the only branch that gave the squirrel access to the feeder…. so the squirrel did an amazing balancing act.

What remarkable ingenuity and persistence.

And so we learned a lot from this squirrel…

btw: There was also bird food on the side walk, for the squirrels and the doves, but the squirrel apparently preferred the food in the feeder…

ps..we have a remarkable video of the squirrel balancing and rebalancing…I’ll add the video, if I can figure out how to upload it.

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