Beauty….it’s all around us

Opening our eyes and minds to see the multitude of “Everyday Miracles….”


A head of lettuce….from a farmer’s stand….beauty in nature

click on photo to enlarge, to see what it looked liked at it’s  actual size….

it’s really beautiful at the size above,

but even more amazing when larger…it was actually about 15 inches in diameter

it was stunning in “real life”…

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4 Responses to Beauty….it’s all around us

  1. ElizOF says:

    Isn’t that something. We take a head of lettuce, chop it up and eat it… Then, we take same lettuce, take a closer look at it, shoot some digitals and wham… beauty before us. Paying attention is a blessing. Beautiful shot. 🙂


  2. Thank you….yes, it’s remarkable that there is so much beauty right there in front of us. I try to keep an awareness about that….as I drive to work each day I try to look beyond the pavement, guardrails and traffic to see those “everyday miracles.” Thanks for putting words to that in your comment..I just added that idea below the photo: “opening our eyes and minds to see the multitude of “Everyday Miracles.” (one of the biggest miracles on the freeway that I commute on isn’t just the beauty, but that almost everyone driving in a sensible manner…now that is a bit of a miracle! )


  3. So right. Appreciating the beauty around us is a gift.


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