May I dance brightly…. to my own songs, along my own path

May each one of us find our own dance…
and may we dance brightly…
to each of our own songs
from each of our own hearts
along each of our own  paths
making our own choices

May we all dance brightly
and share the brightness of our dances
with others in our lives

May we dance brightly…


a very short, one minute “lively” youtube video of that “page”

Youtube video…suggested by Nancy, from Spirit Lights the Way…perfect for this post “Bring me sunshine”..wonderful dancing
I was just getting ready to laminate the “dance brightly” transparency…and this song came on the radio…timely…  🙄 some kind of  synchronicity, I guess…VanMorrison Glad Tidings… and a faster version…Glad Tidings ….gooooood dancing.  After Glad Tidings, Hallelujiah came on….a different dance, but an important one...and with his sister and the crowd singing too… the sister’s singing is a bit off at times, but we all make mistakes…but the crowd is sooo special…

Dancing brightly on the family room window…

Dancing even more brightly on the dining area window….

An earlier post: May we dance brightly

And a late October post too: May I continue to dance brightly

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19 Responses to May I dance brightly…. to my own songs, along my own path

  1. tari brand says:

    lovely. . . thank you


  2. I love to dance! You put this so sweetly, making me want to dance my own dance in life to my own song. So lovely.


    • That’s terrific! I love it…wonderful dancing and happiness! Thanks. I added it to the bottom of the post, too.
      I added a few links to the bottom of the post above, songs I heard as I went to laminate a few “Dance brightly” suncatchers…Van Morrison singing GladTidings and then Rufus Wainwright singing Hallelujah…very different, but both special…dancing around the kitchen, happily and brightly!


  3. I don’t have a dancing bone in my body but that Bring Me Sunshine sure makes me want too! Your graphic will make a beautiful sun catcher.


    • I just added some photos of the suncatchers to the bottom of the post…. I have some little ones too…hmmm…where shall I put them??? I got that Bring Me Sunshine video from your site, linked through Spirit Lights the Way…thank you so much!!!! It’s wonderful!


  4. Amen to that. What a bright and joyfilled post.

    A lovely blog as well.

    Jamie Dedes


  5. zendictive says:

    that is so cool (~_~)


  6. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful poem/prayer/song. Did you create the oval pieces? Beautiful… 🙂


    • Yes, I did make those oval suncatchers. I print the images, from this and other posts, on transparencies and then laminate them on a small laminator. I love the way they look with light coming through them, and am reminded to “practice” the ideas in a “lighthearted”manner.


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  9. Lovely words, Kathy. I like the thought of dancing through life!


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