Irresistibly Sweet?

Thanks to Cat from  Year of Kindness: Link to Cat, at  Year of Kindness blog
Pass along the award to 5 other bloggers:
1. The Pondering Turtle: a blog by a delightful young woman.  I found her blog a few days after she first started it…and her post was about how she had clicked on the “like” button and couldn’t figure out how to get it taken off her post…. “liking herself”
2.  Tuesday2’s Blog: a delightful blog that combines lots of warm, fresh perspectives, frequent bits of humor and lightness and some very pretty photos…and she’s a kindergarten teacher, definitely sweet…..  : )
3. Celebration of Now: a really special  blog that combines warmth, wisdom and step by step directions and photos for amazing makeovers of furniture and household items into whimsical, re-purposed pieces…
4.  Love is the answer: another very special blog that combines insight, wisdom and nurturing ideas
5. Louisville Huggers:
a kind, honest blog about spreading acts of kindness around Louisville Kentucky, one act at a time.

Now for those extra  wonderful blog categories that I made up myself:
“Wonderfully Strident, with Some Sweet Mixed In”
Spirit Lights the Way

“Often Sweet, with a Strong Sense of Power, Connection,  Spirituality and Grace” Source of Inspiration  (Pat Cegan’s site: she really helped me out when I was close to clueless about blogs, tags, finding other blogs etc….so generous and kind)

“Just Plain Sweet and Nurturing”
…this site did get that comment of “sweet”  from someone…and there is so much sweet and kind advice in it. The advice was written to me, but I didn’t do the writing, so I’m including it in the p.s.category. Reflections from a Friend  (but I did put the September 12 post in there…the rest isn’t my writing though)

Click on Pavlova Recipe to enlarge…
its a great big meringue with fruit and whipped cream….yummmmyyyyyy

About Pocket Perspectives

A blog about shifting perspectives...
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8 Responses to Irresistibly Sweet?

  1. nrhatch says:

    Thanks so much, Kathy!
    Love your newly created awards.

    (Be an artist. Live by your own rules).


    • (Note: Nancy Hatch is Spirit Lights the Way….of Wonderfully Strident etc)
      Glad you enjoyed my new categories! So, I can live by my own rules if I’m an artist???…where are the paints and brushes?…..I’ll go find some tomorrow!


  2. sufilight says:

    I replied to your comments in my blog, and was so pleasantly surprised by this sweet, charming blog award! I will be checking out the blogs your recommended as I want to connect to more bloggers but never seem to find the time to search for more writers.

    It’s amazing, this early a.m. I included a link to a blog, in order to help the writer out in a small way, and you in turn recommended my blog in yours in a charming, artistic way. I truly believe that any small act of kindness comes back somehow.

    Thanks for the sweet surprise! 🙂


    • (Note…Sufilight is “Love is the Answer” site…one of the 5 sites linked above.)
      Nice that you had a happy surprise…and how special that some kindness that you had given to another in the morning, turned itself around and came right back to you later…


  3. theponderingturtle says:

    AWww This made my day : ) It means a lot. Thank you Kathy! ❤


  4. ElizOF says:

    How sweet is that… Good job and congrats to the bloggers! 🙂
    I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blog. Thank you for your patience! 🙂


    • Yes…there are soooo many remarkable bloggers and blogs…
      And I’m way behind too…. I can’t seem to organize my work time-creative time- online time well enough to get to so many wonderful blogs. ( Luckily I gave up on housework etc… : ) ) Being “back to school/teaching” is wonderful, but seems to have impacted my level of energy. Thank you so much for stopping by here..I really appreciate your ideas and encouragement!


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