“Do a little bit at a time… patience and persistence from a “bearable” point of view

ahhh…busy days…clearing out many years of accumulation in the classroom…hundreds of files,  stuffed desk drawers, jam-packed shelves, years of supplies, random odd and strange collectibles…. oh my…why did I ever save so much….stuff????

Lots of it’s still good and usable…
….but lots of it isn’t….
its seems that I might be a bit of a pack rat!

So…it’s time to follow the advice that I give to the kids I work with..

so here’s  the strategy….
a little bit each day…
and it is adding up to a lot getting done

And so, I keep reminding myself…
again and again….

Ah yes…
some helpful advice for myself,
and perhaps for some others, too…
some advice from that little bear…
…a  little bit…a little bit…a little bit at a time…




Here’s a short youtube view of the whole book….it’s short…
(in a different color scheme)
I sure need to listen to my own “advice”…


A link to a previous post of the book… from September
Bearable…It May Be Hard, But It Is Bearable

ps….Oh my goodness...I was just checking the tags and categories for this post and realized that what I’m writing about is developing “patience”…..oh no, until recently that was one of my “least favorite” words… I have a friend who, for the past 3 years, has encouraged me to develop more “patience”…and I actually wouldn’t even listen to him saying that  word for many months…and now I’m writing about developing it in myself…well…I guess it shows… “you just never know!” … 🙄

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21 Responses to “Do a little bit at a time… patience and persistence from a “bearable” point of view

  1. I’m right there with you, Kathy. Sometimes we don’t heed the advice we give to our students. I’ve been cleaning out too–giving things to the younger teachers who are so grateful; giving away some crafts materials to the kids–it’s tough because now I’m getting very sensitive about leaving although it is time . . .


    • Yes, there sure is lots in any classroom…my classroom will continue to be the “Resource Room,” so I want to leave it neat, materials easily accessible and well stocked….it will still need to be quite stuffed with resource materials….but I’d really like the person taking over to have a smooth start. And yes…I’m feeling sensitive too…but for me, it’s also time.


  2. sufilight says:

    Excellent advice, as I need to spring clean the house and my office. And wow, so many years as a teacher and you are now venturing into another chapter in your life!


  3. Well Done Kathy! Patience is not my strong suit. I am too much of an instant gratification kind of Baroness.
    Excellent affrimations once again. Where or where will I put them all?


    • thanks BB… instant gratification is appealing, isn’t it???… Yes, there are lots of affirmation…many of them are ones that I’ve been coming up with/doing over a period of many years, not each day the way they are presented on the blog. And great question…”where or where will I put them all?”…that’s why my classroom is so packed with material…I see something useful and I make it and keep it…that’s also why I keep these ideas as little business sized cards, not full pages…. : )


  4. Remember my post about getting rid of stuff? I must report my progress. I have almost filled a bag of shredded and loose paper–not the tall kitchen variety but the lawn and leaf kind–little by little. My shredder seems to know when “time’s up” because it just stops and needs a rest. Then I move to another project — fill up a smaller bag/box with clothes, towels, old sheets, kitchen items, decorative items. I WILL go to the donation center at least once a week.


    • Wow, Georgette…you have been busy and productive!!! I hope to get going on the accumulation in our home, too…when summer arrives. I can see that I’ve held onto more than needs to be held onto…a new phase of life arrives… : )


  5. cuhome says:

    Wonderful! When my house begins to get cluttered, I make a deal with myself: before leaving a room, I will pick up just ONE thing and carry it with me to where it belongs! It does work!!


    • That’s a good idea…if I could make a habit out of something like that, changes might happen. I’ve come up with and repeatedly use a phrase….to do just one little thing…”well, certainly I can do this”…as in pick up one pen and put it away…and then say that again about another little item etc…that leads to more action for me too…interesting how we come up with ideas…. : )


  6. nrhatch says:

    When we remember to take a single step at a time, life is easier. Sounds like you’re making real progress . . . with one bite at a time.

    BTW: WP has provided a quick fix to change default settings:


    • Yes, one bite at a time…. : ) It’s a good “life lesson” for me…to spread effort over many days and weeks, rather than just trying to barrel through it.
      And thanks for the heads up on the quick fix for comments choices…I went in and changed it….whew, one less thing to try to remember. : )


  7. as we prepare for our Grand Adventure, this is timely advice. a little bit, a little bit and then it will all be done.


  8. Oh Joss…you really do have lots and lots of “little bits” to do… focusing on the “little bits” within the grand scheme of things seems to help…wishing you well… : )


  9. granbee says:

    As I continue to practice this “little bit at a time” type of patience with myself, I will be picturing that huggable bear eating its way down to the sweetest part of the bamboo!


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